About Circles of Light


There is a story to tell in each soulís journey through time, and the discovery process is often one of facing and processing profound pain. It is also a process of releasing that pain to regain the ability to live and love freely and fully. And to experience a deep and surrendered connection with Spirit.


When we open to a life that is guided by the higher heart connected to Spirit, we emerge from an ego dream full of fear and judgment that shades and limits the experience of living. Eventually, true leadership of self emerges.


Circles of Light is a place to experience the deep work of the soul. We offer a safe and sacred space for personal growth and healing on all levels.


Racquel Palmese, Socorro Diaz and Lisa Montagna are the practitioners. Each of us is unique in our expressions of love and support, and it is our individual expressions that combine to make Circles of Light the powerful healing space that it is for people at all stages of growth.


If you feel called to a healing spiritual path, we welcome you.