Marilyn Munro

Marilyn is a spiritual facilitator, teacher, healer, and minister who works with divine energy to help you clear and heal your emotional body. Her gift is to guide you through a dynamic process which will become your journey of self-discovery and in that, your process of waking-up.


She has a gentle and straightforward way of helping you access the emotional body through the heart. You will learn how to release core emotions such as fear, anger, pain and sadness, anxiety, arrogance and insecurity, control, etc., that keep you blocked from the essence of who you truly are.  As you unburden your heart and begin to open and expand, you will feel depths within yourself that you never knew existed. You will begin to experience a sense of deep peace and strengthen your connection to God as you begin living a truly heart-driven life.


Always spiritually guided, Marilyn travels to where she is needed most, sometimes spending as long as two years in a given location, where she does private sessions and leads workshops with groups of people who feel the call.

What others have said about Marilyn -

Marilyn is divine mother love incarnate. The love she brings through will simultaneously stab through your defenses and cradle you as you collapse. Marilyn doesn't tell you what you want to hear--at least not what the Ego tells you you want to hear--she speaks to the depths of your heart, and while sometimes those words hurt, they also heal. Marilyn can hear the voice of your higher self calling out and pleading to be heard. She hears this voice, and she speaks to IT. She sees you and responds to you as a blessed and cherished child of God, even when at that moment you may be acting like a bratty toddler. That bratty toddler needs compassion and empathy, and Marilyn provides that, creating a safe and beautiful space to let go of all the pain, loss, grief, anger, sadness, guilt--all the weights we (unconsciously) carry through our human existence.

She is nothing less than a gift from God, and she has surrendered herself completely to a life of devotion and evolution. Fortunately for us, she lives this devoted life out in the world, following her guidance to where she's needed most, even when those who are seeking don't yet know what it is they are seeking. Her devotion and surrender are the greatest inspiration, a walking reminder that we are all loved to the deepest core of our being, and that God longs for us to return to his ever-loving heart. 

- Katy Hamill 
Austin, TX

Words cannot describe my love and gratitude for Marilyn Munro. Before I met her, I lived a life gripped and limited by anger and fear. I was completely closed off emotionally. I was addicted, self-medicating from pain, and completely incapable of feeling. Every aspect of my life was affected: my relationships with my partner, son, and family; work; my ability to feel satisfied or fulfilled in life; and most importantly my connection to myself and to God.  If Marilyn was not guided into my life, this is the life I would be living today.

What a difference now. I do not, physically or spiritually, recognize myself from just a couple of years ago, nor am I recognizable to friends or family. I remember the day that Marilyn broke through my biggest barriers. She showed me that my greatest fear was living another minute not feeling anything at all.

Today, my heart is bursting at the seems, and boy does it show. I am no longer paralyzed by fear. I am drug free - over two years now. I am capable of feeling on deeper and deeper levels, which I never knew were even possible. I am developing a deep loving relationship between myself, Spirit, and God. I stand open, displaying my vulnerabilities, and I have gained so much strength in this.

I would not be where I am today without Marilyn’s loving guidance. She was soft and loving, holding my hand while my legs were shaky. And at the same time, firm and unyielding, giving me the space to stand upon my own two feet. She speaks to that part of me that yearns to be free from burden. She showed me how to surrender and let go of fear. I am blessed to be so fortunate to have her in my life and I thank God every day for this gift.

-Jesse James Retherford
Austin, TX


Marilyn is an amazing human being. I would call her a gifted healer, but that would be to imply that she 'fixes' people, which would not be true. Instead, she facilitates, guides, prods, nudges, occasionally shoves us in the direction of our own Truths, the ones we bury deep within ourselves. It's now clear to me that Marilyn was exactly the right person to come into my life and be my spiritual facilitator at the moment that she did. Her incredible focus, dedication, and singularity of purpose is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Her compassion and patience are infinite, but working with her is not for people who want their egos (or spiritual egos) stroked. Marilyn guides us to recognize the untruths we have been unconsciously living with and suffering from, and that is not an easy process. But the journey is truly incredible, and I am so grateful to have grown so much, learned so much, from this wonderful pilgrim. Marilyn is a gift.

 -Jonathan Shepard
Washington D.C.

Marilyn’s unique expression of “the work” is complete in its integrity. Her focus on her soul’s journey is unwavering, which affirms her as a “way shower” for others.  As one of my teachers, I have been blessed in ways that I never thought possible.  I hold a deep gratitude for her presence in my life. 

- Deb Cauzillo
Detroit, MI

I met Marilyn about 6 years ago and if it weren’t for her persistence, who knows where I’d be today!  She introduced me to a form of work that really takes you into the depths of your heart.  I was going through a lot of changes and she really took the time to listen, assist and direct me to clearer thinking and knowing.  She is very caring, loving and nurturing and will take you into her arms and comfort and guide you.  If you have the opportunity to work with her, by all means DO!  You won't regret it!  She will show you a way of living that is so true to you! It's a way that you can take with you and do in everyday living to bring you contentment, peace and happiness daily!

- Kelly Kurek
Detroit, MI