Racquel Palmese

Racquel Palmese


A spiritual teacher, healer and minister, Racquel helps people clear the emotional and energetic blocks that keep them from discovering their true and unique spiritual connections.


Through deep energy work and explorations of the heart, people who work with her open to a greater consciousness and begin the journey towards living a heart centered and powerfully guided life.  

For those with a strong desire to heal and clear and to know the meaning of divine connection – who are feeling called into service on spiritual levels - her work is inspired and part of the creative force of love.  






What others have said about Racquel -


The Love of God flows through Racquel.

She is a messenger of Hope and Redemption.

She sees beyond the veils and smoke screens of the personality to the true Essence of the Divine Being residing within.


She reaches in energetically and touches the Heart of that Divine Being while clearing away the energetic dross that keeps the Light, the Love, the Essence hidden and at bay.


Profound is her Work.

Loving is her Nature.

Cherished is she by God. 

-Sherry Geyer





     Racquel’s warmth, loving and wisdom have assisted my evolution in consciousness in subtle and profound ways. She gently guided me to experience and release energy from the past; and in doing so assisted me in freeing my soul for greater levels of love, peace, joy and wisdom. Racquel is a powerful, loving, divine being. She sees into you and reflects your light so that you can find your way back to your own truth.  She will teach you how to find all of the answers you seek from the wisdom of your own heart. 

-Katherine McDonald


     In my experience, Racquel has a rare combination of personal qualities that make her uniquely qualified as a spiritual teacher, healer, and catalyst for change. In part, it is her finely tuned balance between sensitivity and strength that makes her so effective. She has been highly sensitive to and respectful of my own process, with an uncanny radar for finding anything within me that may be working counter to my higher purpose. Yet at the same time, she celebrates the opening of my heart in a way that makes me feel wonderfully seen and heard. She is capable of being dynamically on point with what needs to be let go, and warmly encouraging about what can emerge. To put it another way, Racquel opens up a whole can of whupass on my process, and parties like it's New Year's Eve when it comes to my awakening heart. 


     Another thing I've always noticed about Racquel... She has a deep and wide open connection to her own spirituality, and an extremely strong conviction about the power that lies there. Her conviction is contagious and inspires me to find my own. I think that it would be hard to find a better teacher for anyone sincerely interested in taking their personal growth and spiritual connection to the next level.

-Max Highstein


     Racquel acts as my guide helping me to discover truths about myself that enable me to grow spiritually.

-Sandy Stefanik


     In working with Racquel I realize that I have for the first time in my life become real in my way of loving and looking at myself and the world. With Racquel as the guide, I know that a clear voice of spirit unfolding lives in my life and her voice is a brilliant reflection  of what is possible. The life I live now is unrecognizable to the unstable life that I lead just three years ago. With the loving support that Racquel offers as a guide and healer we are all supported in the shadow of darkness and in the radiance of light that is our existence.

-Shawn Makris


     The image I have of Racquel is that of a radiant sun - a SUNBURST!  That is my experience of her energy and bright spirit.  I notice how she lights up the space she is in - and lifts the experience of others.  That has been the quality of the groups I have enjoyed led by her. In the personal energy healing, spiritual and psychological work I have received from Racquel, I have trusted her integrity - and the truth she spoke to me with courage, power, and simplicity.  Her love and passion for her calling shines through in everything she does.  It blesses her life. 

-Anita Eubank


     My work with Raquel has been the most transformational work of my life; the radiance of her heart has challenged me to surrender all that interferes with my highest truth and connection with God.  I am only beginning to see the magnitude of what is possible through establishing a direct relationship to the divine-  and though incredibly challenging, it has shifted the way I do life...with my heart open and ready to exchange with high love. 

-Jessica Plancich


     I have worked with Raquel Palmese since September 2008. Raquel is a very experienced and  powerful healer and guide. After a session with Raquel I feel much more clear about my life and my place in this very complicated world! I would recommend Raquel and her energy work 100%. Every session with Raquel takes me deeper and deeper into the truth of who I am. 

-CeCe Card


     During my first session with Racquel I had the experience that this was the way I have always wanted to be touched and seen -- fully and to the core. Her sword is sharp, her embrace total. For me, each being with her is a celebration of life and joy and possibility. 

-Joseph Rubano


     Racquel magically appeared in my life at a time of great personal sadness and deep questioning; I gleamed her quality and calm essence of love wherein I knew some of my own answers might be found. Racquel kindly introduced me to her spiritual teacher, Charles McCall, and the next phase of my life, which I liken to the peeling of the tough and tender and sometimes bruised artichoke leaves in order to find its living core -- the heart.  A few years later, Racquel followed her own calling to start weekly workshops. I have watched them unfold from primarily journaling sessions to full-blown, heart-driven explorations into all those feelings and emotions -- fear, anger, arrogance, denial, rage, jealousy, etc. -- that run our lives and keep us in a perpetual state of disconnect from ourselves and God. Having processed a number of these universal, but individually painful "truths" herself, Racquel's work is driven by her own empathy, lack of judgment, and love, but also the wisdom to not identify too strongly with what appears to be terrifyingly real.


I have come face-to-face with my own history in Racquel's workshops, often leaving with more questions than answers, yet always with the pure joy and gratitude of rediscovering my love and my purpose that bonds me to life and to God throughout eternity. The "admission fee" to Racquel's sessions is a willingness to be as honest as I am able with myself, the courage to release lifetimes of "spin" -- mental game playing -- and the faith to surrender to my own higher heart, God. Along these uncharted paths, Racquel expresses her encouragement in ways big and small, but always with the big love of a fellow participant and way-shower.

-Gary Hanick

     Racquel has reached a level of personal integrity that distinguishes her work, her personal presence and her energetic resources. I am always deeply affected by her work.

-Hilary Sloane