Hilary Sloane

Hilary is someone whose every cell involves some sort of artistic and spiritual emanation. Whether she's writing, working as a makeup artist, or holding the door open to a spiritual path for someone she accidentally met in a market, her deep empathy sparkles out. It is borne from a profound surrender to her own healing work. This poem was given to her by Spirit to share with us all. It describes the essence of spiritual work.

Meghan Mulqueen


When children are around Meghan they enter a world of playful light where they see themselves relfected in the mirror of her heart. In her workshops or one-on-one, they are safe to explore and experience the magic of their own essences. She holds the same kind of space when working with adults. This poem is a youthful message that resonates with everyone.



























Anita's star rises brilliantly from the divine inspirations of her heart. Her book,"The Rainbow of Hope," is a story told as only she can tell it, of a little soul's journey of discovery. Here she shares two of her deepest emanations.

Other Circles

A place for the writings, thoughts, artwork and photographs of those in the work wishing to share their expression. 

A path of the heart

Beyond ego
Beyond commitment
Beyond learning
Into the ordinary day to day of existence

Into the depth of your own heart
Through the haze and maze
Through the fear and confusion
Through the noise and the distractions
Beyond silence
Beyond desire

If you choose this journey your course is out of your hands
If you choose this you must pay attention to your heart with no exception
Nothing else serves.

Your choice must be made over time.
It must be made in the depth of process and again in the comfort of life.
It must be made day by day when the feelings are swirling and there is nothing to catch you.

You will be asked to listen beyond listening, to move quickly past the resistance and trust your heart implicitly.

You will be asked to walk as no other. There are no incentives. Relax with your decision. Allow it to be. The words may be spoken but the decision must be made over and over again until there is no turning back.

We have no judgment of your path. We beseech you to loose all judgment of yourself.

In the levels of heart that you seek to enter there is no judgment. There is no place or position. There is only the quiet but loudly persuasive song of the heart.

- Hilary Sloane


Free to be Me

I realized one day walking amongst the trees
I had to spend most of my life not wanting to be me

I wandered from here
To there
To everywhere

Looking for something to make me feel good
Looking outside of myself for anything that I could

Reaching, grasping, and wishing away
The truth of myself every single day

I tried to dress my best
I tried to be like all the rest

No matter how hard I tried you see
I was never happy being me

I never considered my abilities
Instead I believed in my frailties

I never said to myself "You did great today."
My self-doubt and insecurity got in the way

I thought everyone was better than me

The other girls were so pretty
The boys were so cool

I wanted to fit in
I didn't know where to begin

I just wanted someone to accept me for me
I missed the fact that first myself I had to see

I was missing an important piece of the puzzle pie
The person that needs to accept and love me begins with an "I"

I never saw the truth that was waiting for me
I never saw my greatness or beauty

I never saw how smart I really am
Or how silly I can be

I was too busy judging myself to see

One day my heart spoke to me
Open your eyes so you can see

That all you have been looking for
Plus more is inside of your very own heart-store

Inside your heart-store you will find
That you are a special one-of-a-kind

Look at yourself from a different view
See yourself fresh and anew

The other option was to stay unhappy
So I said yes to the voice inside of me

I saw myself just as God would
All I saw was perfection and pure good

When God's eyes look upon me
All God sees is my Divinity

I decided to look at myself the same way
It takes practice every single day

There is a part inside of me
It is called fear and it wants me to believe

That all that I seek is outside of me

But I know the truth

That the love inside of me
Is the love that will truly set me free

My love and God's love fill me up
With daisies, roses and buttercups

My love overflows when I allow myself to be
In the flow with everything going on around me

Once my heart had been able to sing
Then it felt like a bird's broken wing

Now that it is repaired, I can truly see
It is love that makes me sooo happy

Love is the song that I chose to sing
Love has repaired my broken heart-wing.

- Meghan Mulqueen





Great Spirit, oh Lord, make me an instrument of thy heart, thy grace, thy will.

Make me whole.  Help me see the vision of your majesty.  Help me know myself as one with your immortal Light. 

Help me see all the rainbows in everyone everywhere. 

Help me know love, your love, true love.  Give me a generous heart.

Please give me the power to do thy will here on earth as your divine flute. 

Please give my voice the song, the rhyme, the poem.  Let me speak from the depth of my inner soul and higher heart.  Please let my words be like honey. 

Let them soothe and caress.  Allow me the courage to go forward on my path to serve God - to fulfill my soul's purpose. 

Please let me shine like the sun on a cloudless day. 

And may my inner light and timeless beauty be like a beacon for hope.


With all my heart I pray.  I petition.  I give thanks to God.  Thank you for these blessings - gifts from God.  Thank you!












Trickle down knowledge

from on High.

The "trickle down" effect

of God's love

covering all creation.

Filtering down through

every crack and cranny

of God's creation

is the permeation


Pure Love is everywhere

in everything, in everybody.

There is no need to worry

about abundance.

Abundance is everywhere,

in everything, in everybody.

It is breath.

It is the air we breathe.

Breathe deeply.

Take in the LOVE.

Breathe out

and release it to everyone -

everywhere in the whole universe.

Abundantly KNOW

you are ONE.



Anita Eubank